Lecture Slides for 121/122
A Second Semester General Chemistry Course at OUC.

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Mid-Term Exams 

Mid-Term #1 (1998): answers.
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Mid-Term #1 (1999): answers.
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Mid-Term #2 - 1998: answers

Mid-Term #2 - 1999: answers

Organic Chemistry

Summary of Organic with Example Questions.

Index to Organic Slides
Note that an Introduction to Organic Nomenclature exists on this server.
Additionally, you may view and rotate many organic molecules in 3D at the Molecules site, also on this server.

Structures for Organic Names in Chem 121 Hand-Out.
Answers to Assignment 1 : Organic Chemistry

Kinetics and Mechanism.

Introduction to kinetics.

Mechanisms, half lives, radioactivity.

Answers to Assignment 2 : Kinetics and Mechanism


Introduction to Thermodynamics.

Thermochemistry 1.

Thermochemistry 2.

Entropy and Free Energy.

Free Energy and Equilibrium.

Answers to Assignment 3 : Thermodynamics.

Answers to material for Quiz 6.

Answers to material for Quiz 7.

General Equilibria.

General Equilibrium.

Answers to material for Quiz 8.

Aqueous Equilibria.

Answers to material for Quiz 9.
Solubility and Complex Ion Formation.

Acids and Bases.

Structure and Acid Strength

Salts, Titrations and Buffers

Calculating a pH: Summary

Redox, Electrochemistry.

Oxidation Numbers, Balancing Redox Equations

Electrochemistry: introduction to Voltaic Cells, Eº298

Electrochemistry: thermodynamic relationships, the Nernst equation

Electrochemistry: practical cells, electrolysis, quantity calculations

Answers to material for Quiz 10.

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