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The following molecular models are part of Dave's molecular models database.

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Name (click for model)Comments
C3H5N3O9227.11TrinitroglycerinExplosive, dynamite with 25% diatomaceous earth,
drug relieving the symptoms of angina pectoris by dilating cardiac blood vessels
Nobel and nitroglycerin
As medication"
C4H5F3O123.092,2,2-TrifluoroethoxyetheneFluroxene (fluoromar), an original fluorine based anaesthetic"
C5H4N4S152.196-MercaptopurineAntineoplastic agent."
C5H8N4O12316.17Pentaerythritol nitrate
Used in detonating fuse (explodes on percussion)
Medicinally (with lactose to prevent explosion!) used as a vasodilator."
C6H10N2O2142.18PiracetamNootropic ('smart') drug.
C7H8ClN3O4S2297.75HydrochlorothiazideIncluded in 'Dyazide' with triamterene.
WWW reference."
C8H9NO2151.18Acetaminophen, Tylenolanalgesic, antipyretic"
C8H10N4O2194.22Caffeinein tea, coffee, cola nuts
gif image
caffeine faq,
caffeine archive,
chem info,
drug info,
Caffeine content in beverages, foods, drugs,
Laboratory extraction of caffeine from tea"
C9H8O4180.17Acetylsalicylic Acidaspirin, asa
analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory information
The Aspirin story"
C9H11NO2165.21BenzocaineA topical anesthetic"
Stimulant, information.,
drug abuse facts."
C10H11NO2177.22TuberinAntitubercular antibiotic from Streptomyces amakusaensis."
C10H13N5O4267.28AZT(+)-3'azido-2'-deoxythymidine: AIDS drug
C10H16NO8S2342.39Sinigrin (anion)flavour compound: mustard, horseradish"
C10H16N6S252.38Cimetidine, TagmetAnti-ulcerative
C10H20N2S4296.56Antabusealcohol deterrent"
C11H17NO3211.29MescalineHallucinogen from peyote.
C12H11N7253.3TriamtereneDyazide, a diuretic.
WWW description
or here"
C12H13N5O2S291.36ProntosilFirst sulfa drug."
C13H10N2O2226.25(R)-ThalidomideThis enantiomer probably has no teratogenic effects.
New uses for thalidomide."
C13H10N2O2226.25(S)-ThalidomideThis enantiomer has teratogenic effects, causing a wide variety of birth defects when taken by women in the first trimester"
C13H18O2206.31IbuprofenAdvil, Motrim: anti-inflammatory.
drug database
also here."
C13H20N2O2236.35Procaine, NovocaineA local anesthetic"
C13H21NO3239.35Albuterol(Proventil) A bronchodilator.
WWW reference."
C13H21N3O235.37ProcainamideA cardiac depressant and local anesthetic, used as an antiarrhythmic"
C13H22N4O3S314.45RanitidineZantac, an anti-ulcerative.
WWW description"
C14H14O3230.28(S)-NaproxenNaproxen is a chiral, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug with analgesic and antipyretic properties.
C14H22N2O234.38Lidocaine, XylocaineAn injectable local anesthetic"
C14H22N2O3266.38TenorminS enantiomer modelled. Drug used in the treatment of high blood pressure, angina pectoris and heart attack.
WWW reference."
C15H11I4NO4776.91Levothyroxineas sodium salt: Synthroid, for treatment of hyperthyroidism.
Thyroid desease references"
C15H14ClN3O4S367.83CefaclorCeclor, an semisynthetic antibiotic.
WWW guide to cephalosporins
also : How to take cephalosporins"
C15H17BrN2305.24DimetappAntihistamine. R enantiomer shown.
More information"
C16H13ClN2O284.76ValiumDiazepam, a synthetic tranquilizer and muscle relaxant. May be addictive
drug monograph"
C16H18N2O4S334.42Penicillin G"
C16H18N2O6334.36NifedipineAntianginal; antihypertensive.
WWW reference."
C16H19N3O5S365.44AmoxicillinAmoxil, an semisynthetic antibiotic related to penicillin.
WWW description"
C16H21NO2259.38(S)-Propranolol(-)-Propranolol, a beta blocker for heart disease.
C16H21NO2259.38(R)-Propranolol(+)-Propranolol, acts as a contraceptive."
C16H24N2O2276.42MolindoneAntipsychotic drug (S enantiomer modelled)."
Model shown is the trans (R,R) sterioisomer.
More information
C17H13ClN4308.79AlprazolamXanax, antianxiety, may be addictive.
WWW description"
C17H18F3NO306.36Prozac(Fluoxetine). An antidepressant.
WWW reference."
C17H19NO3285.37MorphineMost important alkaloid of opium, a narcotic analgesic. Addictive.
Sulfate medication"
C17H20N2S284.45(S)-PromethazinePhenothiazine-type antihistamine used predominantly as an antiemetic or to prevent motion sickness.
S enantiomer modelled, though the drug is used as a racemic mixture."
C17H21NO4303.39Cocainea local anesthetic from leaves of Erythroxylon coca, a bush in the Andes"
C17H22O5S338.45PremarinModel is of the sulphonic acid, premarin contains the sodium salt of this acid as major component.
WWW reference.
Isolated from the urine of pregnant mares, there is some controversy over its isolation"
C18H12N2O2288.32XanthocillinAntibiotic used in some feed supplements. Contains the isonitrile (-NC) group."
C18H19ClN4326.86ClozapineAntipsychotic drug.
C18H21NO3299.4CodeineInhibits the cough reflex"
C18H25NO271.44DextromethorphanActive ingredient in most cough medicines"
C19H12O6336.31DicoumarolIn spoiled sweet clover, used as an anticoagulant."
C19H27NO285.47PentazocineUsed in obstetrics to dull the pain of labour"
C20H22N8O5454.5MethotrexateBlocks the effect of folic acid (q.v.)
C20H24N2O2324.46Quinineantimalarial drug isolated from cinchona bark"
C20H25N3O323.48LSDlysergic acid, diethylamide, a potent hallucinogen"
C20H26O2298.46NorethindroneUsed in birth control pills.
C20H28N2O5376.5Enalapril(Vasotec). An antihypertensive.
WWW reference."
C21H23ClFNO2374.9HaloperidolAntipsychotic properties."
C21H23NO5369.45HeroinAcetylated morphine, highly addictive, banned substance. Dogs are trained to detect the acetic acid odour from its synthesis."
C21H27NO309.49MethadoneNarcotic analgesic, similar in action to morphine.
C21H30O2314.51(-)-Delta(1)-THCActive component of marijuana"
C21H30O2314.51(-)-Delta(6)-THCActive (but only 1%) component of marijuana"
C22H22FN3O2378.47DroperidolTranquilizer. Information."
C22H26N2O4S414.56DiltiazemCardizem, a calcium channel blocker and coronary vasodilator.
WWW description"
C22H29NO2339.52DarvonNarcotic analgesic, similar in action to morphine.
C23H29N3O2S2443.67cis-ThiothixeneAntipsychotic drug; cis form has greater activity than trans."
C23H30N6O4S486.65ViagraDrug design by Dr DE Walters who kindly provided the original file.
Pfizer's viagra site
Web site
More information
Crystals photograph"
C25H33NO4411.59Etorphine2000 times more potent than morphine, not safe for human use but used to tranquilize elephants!"
C29H35NO2429.65MefepristoneRU-486, the 'morning after' contraceptive.
Web resources."
C32H41NO2471.74Terfenadine (R enantiomer)Seldane, an antihistamine.
Histamine, antihistamine information
or Histamine, antihistamine information"
C33H40N2O9608.75ReserpineTranquilizer and antihypertensive."
or Crixivan
Antiviral drug used against HIV/AIDS.
C36H61NaO11692.96Monensin - Sodium saltAn ionophore antibiotic produced by the bacteria Streptoyces cinnamonensis. Used in beef cattle to increase the weight gain to food intake ratio.
C36H62O11670.98MonensinAn ionophore antibiotic produced by the bacteria Streptoyces cinnamonensis. Used in beef cattle to increase the weight gain to food intake ratio.
C37H67NO13734.05Erythromycin AProduced by a strain of Streptomyces erythreus. Used as an antibacterial."
C40H64O12737.04NonactinMacrotetrolide antibiotic.
Forms complexes with ions - see 18-Crown-6"
C41H64O14781.05LanoxinDrug used for heart disease; heartbeat regulator.
WWW reference."
C46H49O14N839.96Taxoljpg image
extracted from bark of Pacific yew tree, of which the supply is limited;
shows promise in treating certain kinds of cancers.
www taxol page."
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