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The following molecular models are part of Dave's molecular models database.

Note: The model presentation uses the Jmol applet requiring Java to be installed on your computer.

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Name (click for model)Comments
BH313.84Boron hydrideMonomer modeled."
BeH211.03Beryllium hydride"
BrF5169.9Bromine(V) fluoride"
CH2O362.03Carbonic acidUnstable relative to CO2 and H2O."
ClF389.45Chlorine(III) fluoride"
ClF4107.45Chlorine tetrafluoride anion"
ClF4107.45Chlorine tetrafluoride cation"
Cl2OS118.96Sulfuryl chloride"
ICl2197.81Iodine dichloride anionLinear."
I3380.73Triiodide anion"
N2H432.06HydrazineHighly toxic, LD50: 57 mg/kg in mice.
Reducing agent and rocket fuel.
Propellant info
Hydrazine sulfate in cancer therapy."
PBr4350.57Phosphorus tetrabromide cation"
PCl3137.32Phosphorus trichloride"
PCl5208.22Phosphorus(V) chloride"
SF268.06Sulfur difluoride"
SF4104.06Sulfur(IV) fluoride"
SF6140.06Sulfur(VI) fluoride"
SO264.06Sulfur dioxide"
SO380.06Sulfur trioxide"
XeF2167.3Xenon difluoride"
XeF4203.3Xenon tetrafluoride"
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