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The following molecular models are part of Dave's molecular models database.

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Name (click for model)Comments
C6HCl5O266.322,3,4,5,6-Pentachlorophenolinsecticide, herbicide, wood preservation"
C6H3N3O7229.12Picric acidexplosive - care!"
C6H4Cl2O1632,4-DichlorophenolUsed in the synthesis of 2,4-D."
C6H4N2O5184.122,4-DinitrophenolpKa = 4.1
Highly toxic, absorbed through intact skin."
C6H6O94.12Phenolgeneral disinfectant"
C6H8O6176.14Ascorbic AcidVitamin C
Information on Vitamin C
Information on Vitamin C sources
Mor information on Vitamin C sources
Microscope Image of Crystals of Vitamin C"
C7H6O2122.132-HydroxybenzaldehydeSalicylaldehyde. Used in perfumery"
C7H6O2122.134-HydroxybenzaldehydeSmall amounts found in many plants."
C7H6O5170.133,4,5-Trihydroxybenzoic acidGallic acid: found in gallnuts, sumach, tea leaves, oak bark, and many other plants, both in its free state and as part of the tannin molecule"
C7H8O108.15m-CresolUsed in disinfectants, photography and as an explosive."
C8H8Cl2O191.062,4-Dichloro-3,5-dimethylphenolMold inhibitor, preservative."
C8H8O3152.16Vanillinflavouring agent : vanilla"
C8H8O3152.16Methyl salicylateIn oil of wintergreen."
C8H9ClO156.624-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenolChloroxylenol, active ingredient (4.8%) in Dettol."
C8H9NO2151.18Acetaminophen, Tylenolanalgesic, antipyretic"
C8H9NO3167.18PyridoxalAldehyde from Vitamin B6"
C8H11NO2153.2DopamineNeurotransmitter. A deficiency is associated with Parkinson disease"
C8H11NO3169.2Pyridoxine, Vitamin B6"
C9H6O3162.15UmbelliferoneIn some sun screen lotions/creams"
C9H11NO3181.21TyrosineL- (S) enantiomer is naturally occuring amino acid."
C9H13NO3183.23Epinephrine, adrenalinHormone secreted by the adrenal medulla. One use is as a bronchdilator - antiasthma"
C10H6O3174.16JugloneColouring matter. Isolated from walnut shells"
C10H12N2O176.24SerotoninVasoactive amine."
C10H12O2164.22EugenolUsed in perfumery and as an insect attractant! Also as an analgesic in dentistry."
C10H12O2164.22IsoeugenolOccurs in ylang-ylang and other essential oils; used in the manufacture of vanillin"
C10H14134.24Thymolfrom oil of thyme, a topical antiseptic"
C10H22O158.32(R)-4-Methylnonan-1-olSex pheromone of the yellow mealworm, Tenebriomolitor"
C11H8N2O3S248.27LuciferinIsolated from the American firefly. 15,000 fireflies gives 9 mg.
Simple description plus other refs"
C11H16O2180.272-t-Butyl-4-methoxyphenolAntioxidant used in packaged foods."
C12H9N3O4259.24MagnesonGives bright blue colour with Mg, and red-violet with Mo."
C13H21NO3239.35Albuterol(Proventil) A bronchodilator.
WWW reference."
C14H8O4240.22Alizarinroot of the madder plant"
C14H12O3228.26Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenoneOxybenzone. Used in sunscreen lotions,
effectiveness of sun screen lotions."
C15H11I4NO4776.91Levothyroxineas sodium salt: Synthroid, for treatment of hyperthyroidism.
Thyroid desease references"
C15H24O220.392,6-Di-t-butyl-4-methylphenolAntioxidant for use with packaged foods."
Yellow #5
Lemon yellow food colouring (trianion).
C16H10N2O7S2406.4Sunset yellow
Yellow #6
Orange colour for use in foods and drugs.
C16H11N3O3293.3Para redAzo dye used on cotton"
C16H19N3O5S365.44AmoxicillinAmoxil, an semisynthetic antibiotic related to penicillin.
WWW description"
C17H19NO3285.37MorphineMost important alkaloid of opium, a narcotic analgesic. Addictive.
Sulfate medication"
C18H12N2O2288.32XanthocillinAntibiotic used in some feed supplements. Contains the isonitrile (-NC) group."
C18H14N2O8S2450.46Allura red
Red #40
Colour for use in foods and drugs. Dianion is modelled.
C18H16N2O3308.36Citrus redUsed to colour orange skins!"
C18H21NO3299.4CodeineInhibits the cough reflex"
C18H24O2272.42EstradiolMost potent mammalian estrogenic (female sex) hormone"
C18H27NO3305.46CapsaicinIsolated from paprika and cayenne. Burning taste, can be detected to the dilution of 1 part in 100 000!"
C19H12O6336.31DicoumarolIn spoiled sweet clover, used as an anticoagulant."
C19H14O3290.33AurinDeep red metallic crystals"
C19H16O4308.35WarfarinRodenticide and anticoagulant (as Na salt)"
C19H27NO285.47PentazocineUsed in obstetrics to dull the pain of labour"
Red #3
Cherry red food colouring (dianion).
C21H36O2320.573-Pentadecylcatecholconstituent of the irritant oil of poison ivy.
other sites:poison ivy
poison ivy
poison ivy
poison oak"
C25H33NO4411.59Etorphine2000 times more potent than morphine, not safe for human use but used to tranquilize elephants!"
C29H50O2430.79Vitamin EFound in wheat germ, corn, sunflower seeds, soybean oils, etc. Used as an antioxidant in vegetable oils."
C37H34N2O10S3762.91Fast green FCFSea green food colouring (dianion).
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