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The following molecular models are part of Dave's molecular models database.

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Name (click for model)Comments
CCl2O98.91PhosgeneHighly toxic gas, useful in organic synthesis."
CHN27.03Hydrogen cyanideHighly toxic, 300 ppm exposure for a few minutes may cause death. Used as a gas for exterminating rodents and insects in ships.
Health and safety."
C2Cl2O2126.92Oxalyl chloride"
C2H2O490.04Ethanedioic acid, Oxalic acidpKa values: 1.23, 4.19. Found in rhubarb leaves.
C2H3N41.06AcetonitrileAprotic solvent.
Cyclonite, high explosive and rat poison."
C4H10FO2P139.11SarinChemical warfare agent. Extremely toxic
S enantiomer shown."
C5H11N2O2P162.15TabunChemical warfare agent. Toxic by absorption through skin and eyes. S enantiomer shown."
C6HCl5O266.322,3,4,5,6-Pentachlorophenolinsecticide, herbicide, wood preservation"
C6H4N2O5184.122,4-DinitrophenolpKa = 4.1
Highly toxic, absorbed through intact skin."
C6H5NO2123.12Nitrobenzenerapidly absorbed through skin"
C6H6N2O2138.144-NitroanilineHighly toxic, absorbed through the skin."
C6H6O94.12Phenolgeneral disinfectant"
C8H5Cl3O2239.482,3,6-Trichlorophenylethanoic acidFenac, a herbicide.
C8H17N127.26Coniinefrom hemlock, Socrates' poison"
C9H13N2O2181.24BromacilWeed killer; R enantiomer modelled.
C9H17N7O4287.33Saxitoxinfrom dinoflagellates, which include Alexandrium tamarense, Gymnodinium catenatum, and Pyrodinium bahamense cause of 'red tide'.
C10Cl10O490.6ChlordeconeKepone, a polycyclic insecticide and fungicide.
Molecule contains no hydrogen.
info on the web
more info on the web
An Introduction to Insecticides"
C10H14NO5PS291.28ParathionInsecticide, acaricide. Highly toxic"
C10H19O6PS2330.38MalathionInsecticide. Toxic"
C11H26NO2PS267.41VXChemical warfare compound, a cholinesterase inhibitor more potent than sarin (q.v.).
WWW information."
C14H9Cl5354.48DDTContact insecticide"
C15H18O5278.33CoriamyrtinToxic sesquiterpene from the leaves and fruit of Coraria myrtifolia."
C19H16O4308.35WarfarinRodenticide and anticoagulant (as Na salt)"
C20H12252.32Benzo[a]pyreneFound in coal tar, possible carcinogen."
C20H25N3O323.48LSDlysergic acid, diethylamide, a potent hallucinogen"
C21H22N2O2334.45StrychnineExtremely poisonous.
Nux Vomica"
C22H19Br2NO3505.22DeltamethrinA pyrethrin insecticide
C23H26N2O4394.51BrucineHighly toxic, like strychnine"
C50H70O14895.2Brevetoxin Bmarine neurotoxin associated with 'red tide' catastrophes on coastal areas around the world
The Harmful Algae Page
Intro to Dinoflagellata"
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